Not too unsurprising, but neither my hardware backwards compatible PS3 nor my gen1 X360 Pro are on the trade-in list. Slightly interested in a PS4 (Bloodborne!) but not enough to pick it up for a single game. Now, when the *Warriors series goes next gen and drops PS3/360, that'll do it. » 4/15/15 6:46pm 4/15/15 6:46pm

Yep, and the worst thing about the Black Flag one is when it happened and you were in a portion of the story that Quick Travel was unavailable. Normally you can just travel to somewhere close (but on land) and everything would reload properly. But nope! Nothing for it but to quit the game entirely and hope that it… » 4/15/15 6:13pm 4/15/15 6:13pm

Unless something has changed in the past couple years, Best Buy workers don't work off commission. They're just in mortal fear of their jobs if they don't offer every single person simply browsing DVDs a storage rack, Netflix, a credit card application, today's streaming music solution, and a product replacement plan… » 4/13/15 5:12pm 4/13/15 5:12pm

So totally this. I actually had to have a real, surprising, conversation with a female friend of mine when she was surprised when I said that walking home the other night that a woman was following me for so long and strangely that I was worried about being mugged and/or raped. Like, I’d speed up or slow down my gait… » 4/02/15 9:20pm 4/02/15 9:20pm