Too late. Thanks to the cluster that was the original release and Best Buy cancelling my legitimate (single system) pre-order, I got a standard. » 3/24/15 2:36pm 3/24/15 2:36pm

Yep. Worked at Best Buy at the time and I got the same from talking with any customers there. "You really need a Dreamcast. Take a look at Soul Calibur, take a look at (online!) Phantasy Star Online. This system is amazing" » 3/18/15 12:28pm 3/18/15 12:28pm

This means things like "free game" or "awesome 1/5 scale model of the lead character" or "$ worth of in-game currency". All non monetary rewards that would be a definite possibility depending on the dev and game in question. » 3/17/15 6:25pm 3/17/15 6:25pm

Until the guy explained it, I didn't understand what was funny about the H1Z1 one. Then I still didn't really see it. Ahh well, can't all be winners. » 3/13/15 5:44pm 3/13/15 5:44pm

Bringing this out of the greys. Yeah, *that's* the problem with this. It's not momentary embarrassment for the girl (or guy) that it's done to. It's setup for future bullying. With zero way out of it because you can't disprove a negative that never happened, but the court of public high school opinion can sure as… » 2/17/15 1:03pm 2/17/15 1:03pm

Maybe the hilt is curved so his left hand is in front of the other fingers? Yeah. I'm going to go with that even though it's extremely unlikely to be true. And that even if it was, swinging the sword with a grip on a curved hilt like he's holding it would break those invisible fingers on impact with anything not… » 2/12/15 2:59pm 2/12/15 2:59pm

I want to read this article. I really do. But I can't get past that title image and The D12 That Should Not Be. How is it sitting like that? /rolls and fails sanity check » 2/09/15 9:31am 2/09/15 9:31am

Wouldn't even matter if you had such a review board anyway. According to the article, Bratton also wants to get rid of the provisions DAs use to toss those useless charges out. Meaning that the charges would stick, so there *wouldn't* be any cases of checking into officers with dropped charges. » 2/05/15 7:10pm 2/05/15 7:10pm