Depends on the game. Quake had 3 different expansions, 2 of which were just bundled fan levels that id Software thought were cool. Which, when played, felt about like horrible DLC as anything that comes out today. » 1/28/15 12:00pm Wednesday 12:00pm

I don't play eroge (Princess Maker or Long Live the Queen is about as close as I get), but I wouldn't mind. I've got something like 650 games on my library list as it is. *If* someone noticed Huniepop up there amongst everything else, I'd simply shrug and move on. Not sure that I'd have streaming going while playing… » 1/21/15 3:12pm 1/21/15 3:12pm

Enable hardware based (so rooted/JB phones can't be used to bypass it) post call GPS tracking on any phone used to dial an emergency service number and a preconfigured list of administrative numbers. That way any jackhole using a prepaid cell to do this then cuts the line will be trackable. At the very least, Police… » 1/13/15 3:28pm 1/13/15 3:28pm

Just called ATT CS yesterday due to an issue with unlocking my old iPhone. The site kept telling me that I had upgraded within the last 14 days and couldn't unlock the old phone as a result (when I had actually upgraded over 3 months ago). The main site showed my new phone. The upgrade portion of the site showed not… » 1/06/15 2:18am 1/06/15 2:18am

You know, that's your opinion. And that's fine. I came out of the theater thinking that the movie ranked up there with my favorite LotR one, Two Towers. The pacing for me was great, not plodding, and the plot changes to add in Kili's love interest scenes and Legolas stuff worked well to flesh out the reasons for them… » 12/17/14 9:21am 12/17/14 9:21am